Monday, September 13, 2010

No recreation football for us this year!

This year Ty decided that he didn't want to do recreation football, and that he was going to try out for the Jr. High football team.  He said if he made it great if not he would just concentrate on school and Hula, well.......

He made the team!!!


Safety Patrol

Morgan made safety patrol for her class, she was one of 12.  She was so excited, as you can tell.  Her first day on duty it was raining so she bundeled up and did her job without complaint.  She is very excited to be in 6th grade and all the fun that comes with it.

How fast time flies!

Wow I can't blieve how fast our summer has gone.  We were kept busy with all of Ty's camps, that we didn't get much time to do any fishing, or camping.  We did get to use our season passes to Lagoon a few times which was nice.

School has once again started, Tyler is in the 8th grade, Morgan is in the 6th grade & Autumn is in the 4th grade this year.