Friday, January 7, 2011

The Holiday's

Wow I can not believe how fast the holidays flew by.  Thanksgiving was great we had dinner at my mom and dad's and then we went to Mike's parents for dessert.  We missed having Zac and his family with us this year, but he was having fun in Vegas watching Ryan play football.

Before we knew it Christmas was here!  We had a wonderful Christmas, we went to Mike's parents for Christmas Eve, and then Christmas morning the kids slept in and then we got up and wrote letter's to our Solidier that we are supporting for the next 6 months, after that we took some orange rolls to a couple of widow's that are in the ward.  Then we came home and opened presents.  The kids were excited about what they got.  After that we got ready to go spend the day with my parents, and the rest of our family.  It was a nice relaxing day.

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