Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Been slacking on the blog

Wow have I been slacking on our blog. I hope to do better this year at keeping my friends and family updated with information and pictures. I will start off by including a few pictures from the end of the year.

Christmas Dance at Rocky

Trans Siberian Concert - 1st Anniversary went to dinner with both our parents and then we all went to the concert.

Tyler's football team were region champs again this year & runner-ups at the mini-bowl.

Christmas was wonderful for all of us this year. And the kids really showed the true meaning of the gift of giving this year. We were also very blessed in a time of need for us, someone gave us $150 in gift cards to Wal Mart, it truly helped us, and we are so thankful to whom ever it was that was so generous!

Morgan celebrated her 11th birthday, with a Tinker Bell theme, and a slumber party. We had cupcake decorating, some guitar hero, movies, pizza, and lots of laughs. Everyone had a great time.

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